About Us

Hi, my name is Daan Barnard, and I am the guy behind Boer Bier.

The story of Boer Bier starts with the Lockdown in South Africa. When alcohol sales were banned in South Africa, we had a sudden burst of enthusiasm and passion for the homebrew industry. We spent a lot of money to buy ourselves costly brewing kits that were imported from Europe.

The kits worked wonders, and the beer tasted better than any commercial beer on the market today. We really wanted to share this great idea with our friends, but we had one problem:

All the homebrew kits available in South Africa were WAY outside of the price range of the regular guy who enjoys his beer.

This is where the idea of Boer Bier was born. After months of research, we found a supplier who built home brewing kits for us locally. We also found local craft breweries that were enthusiastic about making wort for us!

The result:

We can give you the same product we originally bought and enjoyed, at a much more affordable price, and the wort we offer is much, MUCH fresher than the ones we originally bought from Europe! Believe me; the FRESH Wort makes a huge difference! Our homebrew Beer just got so much better with the Fresher Wort!

We are confident that you will enjoy your beer as much as we enjoy ours!

It's all just a few clicks away! Enjoy YOUR Beer!


Unit 11, 81 Amatole Close, N4 Gateway Industrial Park, Willow Park Manor, Pretoria East 2000