How to brew with a Boer Bier fresh wort kit. 

This box contains 10 litres of high gravity wort. This can be used to make a myriad of beer styles by simply changing the dilution ratio, the yeast, the hops, added flavor's or all of the above! We have taken the hard work out of brewing so that you can get on with the fun stuff. Below is a guide to produce a basic blonde ale, we recommend you start with this to get a feel for the process and the results before you experiment further. But one of the best things about home brewing is that you can make anything that you want! So go forth and explore.


Making the beer:

  1. Clean and sanitise a 25 litre fermenter.

 Although we will be making 20 litres of

beer, the extra space is needed to help contain the

fermentation activity

  1. Remove the plastic spout from the Boer Bier


  1. Spray some sanitiser over the spout before

opening it and emptying the wort into your


  1. Add a further 10 litres of cool tap water into the

fermenter, swirling the fermenter as it fills to make

sure everything is well mixed

Note: If your water tastes good out of the tap, it

will be good for brewing. If it has a chlorine taste

(or just does not taste good) use filtered or bottled


  1. Once you have your 20 litres of wort, add the

yeast and close the fermenter, making sure your

airlock is in place for fermentation. If you do not

have an airlock, us a length of pipe to go from the

grommet in the top of your bucket into a bottle of

cool boiled water or sanitizer.



Bottling the beer:

  1. Once fermentation is complete (there has been no

activity in the airlock for at least 2 days) you are

ready to bottle your beer. This normally happens

about 7 – 10 days after you begin fermentation. If in

doubt wait an extra day or two.

  1. Clean and sanitise your bottles and a 15 ml syringe
  2. In a heat proof jug pour 250 ml of boiling water

over 120 g of sugar and stir until dissolved

  1. Using the syringe, add 13ml of the sugar solution

to each 1L bottle (or 4.5 ml to each 340 ml


  1. Once you have primed each of your bottles, fill

them with your fermented beer.

  1. Seal your bottles and give them a good shake
  2. Leave the bottles in a warm place (about 20°C is

good) to condition for at least a week.

  1. A­er a week, put one of your bottles in the fridge

for a few hours and try your beer. If it is still not

properly carbonated, leave the rest of the bottles for

another 2 days before trying again

Note: because we have naturally carbonated the

beer it is completely normal to have a small layer of

sediment at the bottom of the bottles