Apple Cider
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Apple Cider

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This kit is designed to produce 20 litres of dry apple cider with an alcohol content of 5% ABV. The hibiscus gives the cider a deep colour and also helps give a complex red-fruit flavour and aroma. The tannins from the cider also help give the cider extra body and mouthfeel. The fact that the cider is super dry and has some added acidity from the hibiscus makes this a wonderfully refreshing and tart cider.



1 x 2.5 litre apple concentrate

1 x 200 ml apple concentrate

1 x 5 g yeast nutrient

1 x 5 g SafCider yeast

Extra’s needed:

1 x 25 litre fermenter

1 x Airlock

1 x heat proof bowl (approx. 1 L in size)

20 x 1L Pet bottles


Customer Reviews

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Colin Enslin
Boer Bier Happiness

Hands down the best cider I ever tasted, hard to believe I made this myself. No more bottle store beer for me.

Louis Coetzer
Apple cider

Only stopped fermenting today. Will bottle on Sunday

John Fox
Apple Cider Review

My first order wat the Blonde Ale. It had some nice characteristics, flavour and taste.
Based on this I purchased the Cider to give it a go.
The raw ingredients smelled and taste nice and I imagined a nice cider from this.

The first two bottles that I have tried has been a bit lacking in taste and flavour and is borderline vinegarish.

There is also no aroma of apple and it could be a tad bit sweeter.

I will work my way through it though and see if the bottle that are standing for longer have better results.


A very refreshing dry cider. Really quenches your thirst as it is not sweet at all.