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Boer Bier fresh wort kits are 10L of wort to make 20L of beer at home. Fresh wort kits give much better results than liquid malt extract recipes as the wort isn't boiled off for canning. This gives a much fresher beer which tastes just like it would from the brewery.

Fresh wort kits are an easy way to brew top quality beer. The wort has been professionally brewed from grain and is ready to be fermented. Just top up with a few litres of water and pitch yeast.

Fresh wort kits are so good because they allow any brewer to brew top-quality all-grain style beer easily (similar process to liquid malt extract cans) but fresh and no enhancers. There are two ranges in the Boer Bier selection of wort kits, the core range, and a supplementary range. The core range is in regular production all the time. The supplementary range includes seasonal, irregulars and one-offs.

Wort kits are a fantastic way to keep you and your friends supplied with craft beer at home without breaking the bank. The fresh wort comes in a 10L straight from the craft brewery. All you need to do is pour it into your fermenter, add 10L of water, put your yeast in, seal your fermenter and let the yeast go to work. The final step is either keg it or bottle it and enjoy!

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